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Volatile Inorganic Compound. Any inorganic substance of natural or anthropic origin present as vapour or gas in the air. VICs are produced by industrial activities and processes, domestic and industrial heating.


[Chemical Oxygen Demand] Quantity of oxygen consumed through chemical oxidation by a water sample contaminated with organic substances (whether biodegradable or not) or inorganic substances, under specific temperature and time conditions (Società Italiana di Ecologia, Ecologia applicata, Milano, CittàStudi Edizioni, 1993).


[Volatile Organic Compounds] Any organic compound that has a vapour pressure of 0.01 kPa or more at 293,15 K, or that has a corresponding degree of volatility under particular operating conditions. For the purposes of this directive, the fraction of creosote that exceeds the value indicated for vapour pressure at the temperature of 293.15 K is considered a VOC (Directive no. 1999/13/EC of 11 March 1999, art. 2, paragraph 17).