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Bracco received the 13th edition Sodalitas Social Award, the most prestigious honor in Italy for Corporate Sustainability.

The company has been recognized in the Smart Community, Entrepreneurship and Social Inclusion category for the project “Women: the seeds of development. ” It’s an international cooperation initiative launched in Benin near the Fulvio Bracco School, which educates around 1,000 young Africans.

The Bracco project has provided a unique opportunity to a cooperative of over 100 women who process and sell cassava as well as other local products. We’ve made their dream of entrepreneurship possible by creating a multi-functional space where they can carry out their work. We focused on training and on the supply modern and safe equipment.

The initiative was chosen for its multi-stakeholder model, for the social innovation of development within the territory itself and for the tangible betterment of the quality of life in one of the poorest regions of Africa.

With this action, Bracco has managed to boost female entrepreneurship in an environment where it is nearly impossible to access microcredit and where women are often excluded from business activities.

This environment of exclusion is the cause of the rural female emigration to other countries; an exodus which poses serious problems with education and child trafficking and which we have tried to counter with our small contribution.

The construction of the premises and the training courses, financed in part by the registration fee for the company gym, were coordinated by Iniziative Sociali in collaboration with the NGO Amici dell’Africa and Esplorativa Architetti, the architecture firm that handled the design, blending local tradition and innovation.

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